Base class for all classes that need to interact with queues. This class is normally not used directly, but extended by the other classes.



  • MinimalQueue


  • Parameters

    • name: string

      The name of the queue.

    • Optional opts: QueueBaseOptions

      Options for the queue.

    • Optional Connection: typeof RedisConnection

      An optional "Connection" class used to instantiate a Connection. This is useful for testing with mockups and/or extending the Connection class and passing an alternate implementation.

    Returns QueueBase


closing: Promise<void>
keys: KeysMap
name: string
opts: QueueBaseOptions
qualifiedName: string
toKey: ((type) => string)

Type declaration

    • (type): string
    • Parameters

      • type: string

      Returns string


  • get client(): Promise<RedisClient>
  • Returns a promise that resolves to a redis client. Normally used only by subclasses.

    Returns Promise<RedisClient>

  • get redisVersion(): string
  • Returns the version of the Redis instance the client is connected to,

    Returns string


  • Closes the connection and returns a promise that resolves when the connection is closed.

    Returns Promise<void>

  • Force disconnects a connection.

    Returns Promise<void>

  • Emits an event. Normally used by subclasses to emit events.


    • event: string | symbol

      The emitted event.

    • Rest ...args: any[]

    Returns boolean

  • Returns Promise<RedisClient>

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