Interface JobsProOptions




group?: {
    id: string;
    maxSize?: number;
    priority?: number;

A queue can be divided into an unlimited amount of groups that can be defined dynamically as jobs are being added to a queue.

The group option allows you to specify the unique group Id where the given job will belong to, and processed according to group mechanics.

For more information about groups

Type declaration

  • id: string

    The group id. If the group does not exist it will be created. (When the group becomes empty it will be deleted automatically)

  • Optional maxSize?: number

    The maximum number of jobs that can be added to a group. If the limit has been reached an error with the type GroupMaxSizeExceededError will be thrown.

  • Optional priority?: number

    Ranges from 1 (highest priority) to 2 097 152 (lowest priority). Note that using priorities has a slight impact on performance, so do not use it if not required.

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