Interface WorkerProOptions


  • WorkerOptions
    • WorkerProOptions


autorun?: boolean

Condition to start processor at instance creation.

blockingConnection?: boolean

Denotes commands should retry indefinitely.

concurrency?: number

Amount of jobs that a single worker is allowed to work on in parallel.

connection?: ConnectionOptions

Options for connecting to a Redis instance.

drainDelay?: number
group?: {
    concurrency?: number;
    limit?: {
        duration: number;
        max: number;

Type declaration

  • Optional concurrency?: number

    Maximum number of jobs to process in parallel for a given worker.

  • Optional limit?: {
        duration: number;
        max: number;
    • duration: number
    • max: number
limiter?: RateLimiterOptions

Enable rate limiter

lockDuration?: number
lockRenewTime?: number
metrics?: MetricsOptions

Enable collect metrics.

prefix?: string

Prefix for all queue keys.

runRetryDelay?: number
settings?: AdvancedOptions
sharedConnection?: boolean

Specify if the connection is shared.

skipDelayCheck?: boolean
ttl?: number | JobTtlMap

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