Interface QueueProOptions


  • QueueOptions
    • QueueProOptions


blockingConnection?: boolean

Denotes commands should retry indefinitely.

connection?: ConnectionOptions

Options for connecting to a Redis instance.

defaultJobOptions?: BaseJobOptions
isPro?: boolean
limiter?: {
    groupKey: string;

Options for the rate limiter.

Type declaration

  • groupKey: string

    Group key to be used by the limiter when limiting by group keys.

prefix?: string

Prefix for all queue keys.

settings?: AdvancedRepeatOptions
sharedConnection?: boolean

Specify if the connection is shared.

streams?: {
    events: {
        maxLen: number;

Options for the streams used internally in BullMQ.

Type declaration

  • events: {
        maxLen: number;

    Options for the events stream.

    • maxLen: number

      Max approximated length for streams. Default is 10 000 events.

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